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Agents/Landlords can register on Sheffield Hallam Studentpad to advertise student accommodation, houses, flats, lodgings and properties available within the Sheffield area.

Once registered, you can start advertising property(ies) on this website. You will also have unlimited access to the Controlpad, our latest web based property management software.

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Advertising Terms & Conditions

All landlords please note; - Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield City Council are committed to partnership collaboration for the benefit of the Snug student housing scheme.

Please be aware that any information disclosed on this site is subject to a data sharing agreement between Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Hallam Students Union, and Sheffield Hallam University Accommodation Services.

Please note; - only private sector properties that have been vetted by the council via the Snug Scheme - the vetting process includes an inspection of the property and compliance with tenancy management - are advertised on the Sheffield Hallam Studentpad website. For more information and to arrange a Snug inspection please click here. Resident landlord properties do not require a Snug inspection at present.

The Snug property and management standards



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